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About the Tennessee Fair Housing Council

The Tennessee Fair Housing Council is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1995 by the Kentucky Fair Housing Council.  The Council’s mission is the elimination of housing discrimination in Tennessee.

The Council carries out its mission in several ways:

Education and outreach: The Council’s staff make dozens of appearances and sponsor several events each year to tell the public about fair housing. Outreach to other organizations that serve vulnerable populations is especially effective, and the Council also trains housing providers. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about our education programs.

Enforcement: The Council takes in dozens of complaints of housing discrimination each year. We investigate those complaints, counsel the clients, and, in some cases, represent them in administrative actions or lawsuits. We also assist complainants in filing administrative complaints even where we don’t provide representation.

Promoting technology in the fair housing field: The Council pioneered the use of the Internet in fair housing enforcement. In 1996, it was instrumental in providing equipment and internet access to other fair housing organizations, and, since 1995, the Council has operated the National Fair Housing Advocate Online, the nation’s leading resource on fair housing law. The Council still provides web site and technology consulting to other fair housing organizations around the country.